Hello World!

This is my blog. There are many like it but this one is mine.

I have a youtube channel, that I’m still active on, but youtube doesn’t really lend itself to long form thoughts. So I decided to start a blog. I am bilingual in English and Spanish, so this blog will be bilingual, too. I am interested in spelling reform, historical linguistics, plain regular descriptive linguistics, dialectology, etymology, phonetics, phonology, foreign language learning, languages in general, and la mar en coche.

Feel free to read, comment (in whatever language you prefer), and most of all have fun with it. I know I am!


One thought on “Hello World!

  1. Hello,

    thanks for your blog and youtube channel – clarified some concepts for me very well! Keep up with the good work!

    Just one small question regarding the “la mar en coche” phrase. I stumbled upon it several times on the internet but couldn’t get it’s meaning precisely.

    I was wondering does this phrase have a positive (like doing everything possible) or negative connotation?
    And is it about “doing everything that is possible” – like pushing to one’s limits or about “having everything one could imagine” – e.g. luxuries, etc.



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