Proof of concept: the other Lebowski

THE DUDE: Walter, yoo no, its Smokey, so hiz to slipd over the liin a litl, big deel. Its just a gaam, man.
WALTER: Dude, this iz a leeg gaam, this deturmins hoo enters the next rownd robn. Am i rawng? Am i rawng?
SMOKEY: Yea, but i wuznt over. Gimme the marker Dude, iim marking it aat.
WALTER: [puls owt a gun] Smokey, mi frend, yoo ar entering a wurld ov paan.
THE DUDE: Walter…
WALTER: Yoo mark that fraam an aat, and yor entering a wurld ov paan.
SMOKEY: Iim not…
WALTER: A wurld ov paan.
SMOKEY: Dude, heez yor partner…
WALTER: [showting] Haz the hoel wurld gon krazy? Am i the oenly wun arownd heer hoo givs a shit abowt the rools? Mark it zero!
THE DUDE: Thaar kolling the kops, put the pees away.
WALTER: Mark it zero!
[poynts gun in Smokeys faas]
THE DUDE: Walter…
WALTER: [showting] Yoo think iim fucking arownd heer? Mark it zero!
SMOKEY: Ol riit, its fucking zero. Ar yoo happy, yoo krazy fuk?
WALTER: …Its a leeg gaam, Smokey.

You might be familiar with this scene from the movie The big Lebowski. The text isn’t a transcription of the scene, but was pulled from the script instead, so there might be some discrepancies in the dialogue.

I wanted to use dialogue from a movie this time, in contrast to the declaration of independence that was the first proof of concept draft. As you can see, a very different and colloquial kind of vocabulary is used, including a wider variety of personal pronouns, contractions and higher frequency words.


Some observations and differences in spelling choices from previous drafts:

– AY is used as the morpheme-final spelling of FACE instead of EY (away)

– AR / AAR (long A plus R) is used for spelling SQUARE instead of EAR (they’re -> thaar)

– I have chosen to go with yoo as the spelling for you, though u would also have been justifiable

– The word i is not capitalized when it’s not starting a sentence if the rest of the text is not capitalized. Same with the contraction iim. When capitalizing the latter, only the first I is capitalized.


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