Proof of concept: abowt Inglish spelling

The folloeing paragraf iz taakn from the Inglish Wikipedia. It iz speld akording too mi reformd Inglish spelling propoezl.


Partly bekawz Inglish haz nevver had enny forml regulating awthority for spelling, such az the Spannish Real Academia Española or the French Académie française, Inglish spelling, kompaard too menny uther langwijes, iz kwiit ireguler and komplex. Oltho French, amung uther langwijes, prezents a similer degre ov difikulty when enkoding (riting), Inglish iz mor difikult when dekoding (reding), az thaar ar kleerly menny mor posibl pronunsyaashns ov a groop ov letters. For exampl, in French the /u/ sownd (az in food), kan be speld ou, ous, out, or oux (ou, nous, tout, choux), but the pronunsyaashn ov eech ov theez seekwenses iz olwaaz the saam. In Inglish, the /u/ sownd (az in GOOS) kan be speld in up too 18 difrnt ways, inklooding oo, u, ui, ue, o, oe, ou, ough, and ew (food, truth, fruit, blues, to, shoe, group, through, grew), but ol ov theez hav uther pronunsyaashns az wel (e.g. az in flood, trust, build, bluest, go, hoe, grout, rough, sew). Thus, in unfamillyer wurds and propper nowns the pronunsyaashn ov sum seekwenses, OUGH beeing the priim exampl, iz unprediktabl too eevn ejukated nativ Inglish spekers.

Sum thawts:

– Reformed spelling sometimes obscures the relations between words. For example, olwaaz no longer looks like a combination of ol (all) and ways. This is not a practical problem, at least not in this case.

Degree is spelled degre. Here I can consider a reformed spelling identical to the traditional one to make stress marking completely obvious. It remains to be seen if the spelling degre is transparent enough for already literate speakers. If it is not, maybe the reformed spelling system needs an exception whereas words like these are spelled with -EE to unambiguously indicate the word stress.

– Variant reformed spellings are probably necessary for the word different because some speakers pronounce it with three syllables instead of two. In the text I used difrnt. The three syllable alternative could perhaps be diferent (or different as in the traditional spelling if trisyllabic laxing is not considered in the new system).


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