Other people on English spelling reform

The following links are some further reading for anyone interested in English spelling reform.

English accents and their implications for spelling reform by John Wells
English spelling problems and Improving English spelling by Masha Bell
Casting a last spell by Anatoly Liberman (the comments below are also very recommendable)
Spelling reform and the real reason it’s impossible by Justin B Rye (satirical, but hilarious and truer than I would like)
Wyrdplay.org’s Spelling reform files
The English Spelling Society

About reading problems in English-speaking children: Children of the code

Wikipedia: English spelling reform
– About historical changes in English pronunciation:
Great vowel shift
Trisyllabic laxing
Phonological history of English vowels
Phonological history of English consonants

Finally, at this link, a clip from the BBC Radio 4 show “Fry’s English delight” with Stephen Fry and linguist David Crystal. It starts with 8 minutes of interesting historical trivia, then continues on with some more conservative arguments about (and against) spelling reform.


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