Welcome to my blog. My name is Ignacio. It is a Spanish name, derived from the Latin name Ignatius, itself derived from the word igneus. I pronounce it iɣ̞ˈnasi̯o, though I am not particular about the way other speakers of Spanish pronounce it. I anglicize it to ɪgˈnɑsiɤʊ or ɪgˈnɑsjɤʊ, but you are welcome to try something else.

I have a youtube channel, that I’m still active on, but youtube doesn’t really lend itself to long form thoughts. So I decided to start a blog. I am bilingual in English and Spanish, so this blog will be bilingual, too, meaning that some posts will be in English, some in Spanish, some in both. I am interested in spelling reform, historical linguistics, plain regular descriptive linguistics, dialectology, etymology, phonetics, phonology, foreign language learning, languages in general, and la mar en coche.

Feel free to read, comment (in whatever language you prefer), and most of all have fun with it. I know I am!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Ignacio, I came across your youtube video on Old Castilian or Medieval Spanish language. I make short videos mostly how to videos but with history in the forefront. I always try to bring my viewers into the video by taking them for the ride. I try my best to do this with small details that most video makers lack or don’t really think about. Anyways, I was wondering if you wanted to help with a small voice recording in period Spanish? If so we can chat about the project. Thanks


  2. Hola Ignacio, vine al blog por los videos de Youtube, me parecen excelentes estos estudios. No soy lingüista ni nada parecido, solo curioso de muchos temas, y este es uno de esos. Sería muy interesante realizar comparaciones no solo de las variaciones lingüísticas regionales de la Argentina, si no también compararla con las mismas en España y Colombia, por mencionar algunos países con abundante riqueza dialectal.


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